A few years ago I barely was able to cover an unexpected car repair bill.

Today, I make $500–$1,500+ per day with my online business.

Here's how I accomplished this in 7 steps:

Step 1: Draw a baseline

Before you start doing anything, you have to know where you are right now.

Write down all the resources and skills that you have.

Step 2: Quit doing dumb sh*t

When I started my self-improvement journey, I:

  • Completely stopped caring about the lives of other people

  • Cut out all your old friends who kept the negative talk going.

  • Stopped going out, drinking, etc

Step 3: Use the internet

By now, it’s obvious that the best way to start your business is through the Internet.

Just don’t make a mistake by starting a really hard business.

Step 4: The framework

Here is the framework I would give to any beginner starting out:

  • Learn a skill (Video editing, copywriting, sales, etc)

  • Start your personal brand and start talking about that skill

  • Sell a service and at the same time keep building your audience

Step 5: Stack cash

When you are selling services make sure to keep saving the money you’re making.

That way your confidence will grow and also you will be able to deploy in case a good opportunity will show up.

Step 6: Productize

As you keep sharing great content, you will build up a following.

Start releasing paid products based on your skill set for your audience.

That way, you will introduce scale and leverage to your business.

Step 7: Don’t get distracted

This is a mistake I’ve made multiple times.

When you find what's working, it’s important not to get distracted.

And just keep making the thing that is working better and doubling down.

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