Are you dreaming of a life filled with complete control over your time, location, and income? Picture yourself doing what you love while making money, even while you sleep. Believe it or not, all of this is within your reach through Instagram growth.

But here's the catch: growing your Instagram following isn't just a matter of luck or circumstance. It's a skillset and a proven system that you can master. How do I know this? I've gone from 0 to over 200K followers in just a few months, and I'm now earning between $20K and $30K per month while enjoying the freedom to travel the world.

If you're intrigued and want to unlock this potential for yourself, stay with me for the next 5 minutes as I reveal the key steps to growing your Instagram following this year.

1. Posting Times and Consistency

Before diving into content creation strategies, let's discuss the importance of posting times and consistency. Posting at the right times of the day significantly impacts your content's performance. To help you, I've created a posting schedule based on Eastern Standard Time (EST), which you can adapt to your time zone.

You can find the timetable in my recent YouTube video:

Consistency also matters. Instagram rewards consistency, but don't stress if you miss a day or two. Focus instead on creating exceptional content, as I'll explain shortly.

2. The Three Phases of a Content Creator

There are three phases to navigate on your journey to becoming a full-time content creator. Starting with phase 1, don't aim for completely original content. Emulate what works for others and focus on creating a viral reel to grow your initial audience. In phase 2, experiment with original content while building on what gained you your first 10K followers. Finally, in phase 3, establish your unique brand and style.

3. Stealing Like an Artist

Stealing like an artist involves adapting successful ideas to your niche. Take inspiration from well-performing content in your niche and put your own spin on it. This strategy can work wonders for your growth.

4. Quality is Subjective

Expensive equipment doesn't guarantee quality videos. Focus on hooking your audience emotionally and providing value. Remember, you're creating content for humans, so put yourself in your viewers' shoes and ask, "Would I watch this?"

5. Repurpose Your Ideas

Growing on Instagram requires strategy and consistency. Instead of constantly generating new ideas, repurpose your successful content into multiple pieces. Constantly improve each iteration.

For a deeper dive into these strategies and direct support, consider joining my Instagram Creator Course.

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