Have you ever heard this advice from your favorite influencer?

"Just keep posting..."

Well, today, I'm here to reveal that this advice is completely false.

Consistency is important, but simply posting regularly won't guarantee growth. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the strategies that actually work to help you grow your following on Instagram.

The Problem with "Just Keep Posting"

Back when I followed the generic "Just keep posting" advice, my Instagram page didn't experience any growth. In fact, I was losing the small number of followers I had. But take a look at what happened when I changed my strategy:

In fact, I began posting less and still achieved better results than those who posted consistently.

The Right Strategy for Instagram Growth

So, what's the secret to growing your following on Instagram? Let's break it down into four essential steps:

Step 1: Building Your Foundation

This phase requires consistent posting for 30 days. It's where you establish your foundation and experiment with different content ideas to identify what works best for you. A common mistake people make during this phase is producing the same content repeatedly. Instead, explore various content types to find what resonates. Since you have no audience initially, you have the freedom to create any content you want.

Step 2: The Scientist

Instead of merely "keeping posting," take a step back in this phase. Analyze your content's performance and take notes. For the next month, focus solely on creating that type of content, making it even better. Don't be rigid; if you notice trends in your niche, capitalize on them for extra growth.

Step 3: Posting Times

There are specific times of the day to post your content. These are the times when many users are active on the platform. Here is the timetable I provide for my program members:

To find the equivalent time in your own time zone, simply convert these EST times. For instance, if you live in France, convert from the EST timezone to the France timezone to determine the corresponding local time.

Step 4: The Formula

Here is the formula to get the maximum number of views for your reels:

  1. Create 5-10 second reels: Short videos capture attention and increase watch time.

  2. Use impactful hooks. Start your videos with a strong, assertive hook. Transform a typical hook into a captivating opener.

  3. Share content 5-7 times a week. Consistency is crucial on Instagram, and improvement comes with a higher posting frequency.

  4. Replicate Success: Avoid starting from scratch. Pick your best-performing reels from the last 30 days and add your unique touch.

  5. Create Shareable Content: Develop content that resonates, entertains, or offers value to your audience.

  6. Engage with Comments: This boosts your reel and nurtures a stronger community.

  7. Amplify Results: Analyze your weekly performance to concentrate more on successful strategies.


Apply these tips to your next reels, and I promise you will see better results. Also, remember this: Posting the same video repeatedly will yield the same results. If your page is stagnant and not growing, you need to make a change.