It's simple. Here's what you need:

  • Sell 10 products per day for $33.

  • Sell 5 products per day for $66.

  • Sell 3 products per day for $110.

  • Sell one product per day for $333.

You will have $10,000 in 30 days.

Best part? You can achieve this with ~10,000 followers and ~5,000 newsletter subscribers.

Step 1: Getting Started

Imagine your journey as a series of falling dominoes.

When you push the first one, the rest will follow.

But first, you must identify your starting point.

Your initial step is to begin creating content and building your personal brand.

Everyone tells you to do it, but the question is, how?

With a massive audience of over 300,000 followers, I can tell you that it begins with creating content that resonates with your younger self.

You'll attract an audience just like the person you used to be, establishing a unique niche for yourself.

This authenticity will set you apart and enable your growth, just like the success story of Hamza, who went from a small fitness channel to massive growth by offering advice to his younger self.

Remember, you don't need a fancy studio or extensive video editing. Authenticity is your key to success.

Step 2: Monetization

Realize that Instagram won't pay you for views.

That's why, if you want to make money, you have to create your own products.

I've designed a completely free "Digital Product Playbook," which you can access by clicking here.

It will guide you on how to create and launch your own digital products for your audience.

I didn't want to overwhelm you with extensive reading, which is why I've included everything you need to know in that playbook.

Step 3: Your $0 Software Stack

To keep your expenses minimal, use these tools:

  • Design: Canva (Cost: $0)

  • Website: Carrd (Cost: $0)

  • Store: Gumroad (Cost: $0)

  • Branding: Instagram (Cost: $0)

  • Education: YouTube (Cost: $0)

  • Workspace: Notion (Cost: $0)

  • Copywriting: ChatGPT (Cost: $0)

  • Newsletter: Substack (Cost: $0)

Keep your initial expenses low to maximize your potential.

Step 4: Implementation

Now, it's time to put everything you've learned into action. Start creating content and building your brand. Your journey to $10,000 begins with your first step.

Remember, it's achievable with approximately 10,000 followers and 5,000 newsletter subscribers. Keep your focus, stay authentic, and watch the dominoes fall into place.

Whenever you're ready, there's a way I can help you:

Instagram Creator Course: Learn How You Can Earn 6 Figures As a Content Creator With No Experience It's a 100+ lesson video course in which I share my framework for how I grew my Instagram to 300K+ followers, generating $100,000+ with my content-to-Cash method.