Brand deals are one of the most common ways you can make money as a creator.

Just recently, I landed my biggest brand deal ever:

I know what you might be thinking...

It's easy for you when you have a relatively large audience.

However, trust me on this...

The fact that you have many followers doesn't guarantee that you will easily secure brand deals.

When I had a small audience, I still managed to secure sponsorships.

And I established connections with various brands.

Here is the blueprint you can follow as a small creator if you want to start getting sponsored and paid to create videos for companies you love:

Step 1: Compile a list of 50-100 companies that you would like to be sponsored by (these can include e-commerce brands, software companies, etc.).

Step 2: Create a spreadsheet and install the Chrome extension called

Step 3: When you visit these companies' websites, click on the extension to access the owner's email addresses.

Step 4: Collect the email addresses of the owners.

Step 5: Create 2-3 videos showcasing their products and post them on your Instagram for free.

Step 6: Begin reaching out to the owners using the script provided below:

Subject line: Quick question

Email body:

Hey [First Name], would love to collaborate with you and make something like this:

(Insert the link to your video)

Incorporating your brand's products.

The best part? It’s all for FREE and I’ll post on my page with (X) followers

+ You can use this footage for paid ads or your own social media :)

Let me know if that would sound like a good idea!


[Your first name]

Clearly, the objective of this process is to secure your initial sponsorship for free and then utilize it to develop your portfolio.

Following that, you can begin acquiring paying clients while simultaneously expanding your audience.

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