Earning $10K+ per month might seem like an impossible task.

However, with the power of digital products, you can achieve this goal faster than you think.

In less than a year, I managed to scale my digital product business to over $30K+ per month.

Today, I'd like to share 7 steps to reach $10K+/mo with digital products.

Let's dive in.

1. Picking your channel and essentials

Choose your preferred social media channel to grow your brand and also learn about the essential tools you'll need to start selling digital products online.

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2. Crafting your niche

Choosing your niche can be a really overwhelming process.

That's why I created this video to teach you how to select the best niche when starting your brand to sell digital products.

Step 1: Download Action Item Nr 1 & Fill It Out

Link for personality test: https://www.16personalities.com/

Step 2: Download Action Item Nr 2 & Fill It Out

Step 3: Download Action Item Nr 3 & Fill It Out

3. Grow

When you have no audience, it’s going to be really hard to sell any digital products.

You have to put out content and grow your brand first because you won’t have any traffic…

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4. Build a freebie

Once you build up an audience, it’s time for you to build out a free product.

Here are some examples of free products that you can create:

  • E-book

  • Mini Course

  • Notion Template

  • Preset

  • Webinar

5. Launch a freebie

Here is the blueprint for launching your free product:

6. Double down and grow

Now that you have a free product in place, continue to expand your audience on the platform you've chosen, directing people to that free product and growing your email list.

7. Launch a moneymaker

You've built your list, and people are really enjoying your free product. It's time for you to create a paid product and start making money.

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